Even though it had been months since the breakup, even though the relationship itself had been embarrassingly short-lived, there was something about this one I just couldn’t get over. I’d never gone so crazy over someone, and though I tried my best to control the spiraling by painting obsessively, dynamiting…

and losing him to the dick-zone

image courtesy of the author

I never thought I’d have a Tarot mentor. I’d fantasize about it, but it seemed a thing of the past. I’ve always had difficulty in finding teachers who could keep my pace, and I wasn’t interested in receiving a spiritual mentorship. …

(for free)

How to make any sense of that?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in the Tarot. Maybe you just discovered it and are considering acquiring your first deck. Perhaps you have done a bit of research and found pricey schools and Masters offering the true-blue quickest way to learn the REAL meaning behind the cards. The…

My dog, Novio, plotting leafiness

Back in April, I challenged myself to do a small Tarot reading on a poem for each day of the month. This led me to discover so much poetry I had never read before, and really enhanced my ability to read Tarot and to read poetry.

It didn’t help much…

or how I swiped right on Temperance

Dating apps and Tarot reading are two practices that can very well go hand-in-hand and even enhance each other. …

Ana Prescott

To paraphrase Dègas — Tarot is my daylong obsession, joy, and torment.

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